Three Things To Do In Cincinnati With Your Kids Today

Three Things To Do In Cincinnati With Your Kids Today

Are the kids driving you crazy today saying that there is nothing to do? You know they are plenty of things to do, but do not want to get pulled into an argument! Instead, it might just be a day to pack up the car and take the kids to Cincinnati. So many times, we forget about all the fun activities there are right in our own backyards. Today, we thought it would be fun if we looked at some activities you have never been to or haven’t been to in years!

One of the all-time favorite activities for any family is a trip to the local zoo. It is one of those activities where there is going to be something that everyone could look forward to. Some people like the animals, others the long walks with the family, and some just like the incredible snacks! Regardless of why you love the zoo, you will be pleased to know that the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens is one of the best in the country. You are going to find plants and animals from all over the world. This historic zoo is an incredible park to spend a day in and in fact, you just may not want to leave as some of the areas are so relaxing and peaceful!

While some people may like to spend their time up on land, there are those who prefer life under the sea! While the oceans may be many miles from Cincinnati, you can still enjoy it all at the Newport Aquarium. You and your children will enjoy the wonders of the world that we never get to see up close and personal. From jellyfish to stingrays and everything in between. Much like the zoo, there is going to be something for everyone. The aquarium is a great place to mix fun and learning with a whole bunch of ooohs and aaahs!

Finally, if you are looking for a great spot to end the day and just relax, you will have to head over to the Krohn Conservatory. Young and old will love the thousands of flowers and butterflies that can be found here. It is a great spot to simply relax with the kids after a long day of exploring the wonders of Cincinnati. Who knows what types of butterflies and flowers you might see while relaxing on a bench?

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